Naomi Minto is a writer, poet and spoken word artist from Birmingham. Born in Brum but raised in Gloucester,  Naomi spent her childhood writing fantastical stories and poems to entertain friends and family. This continued into adulthood, through her roles in marketing and events she found herself writing content professionally.


After deciding to focus on her own creative writing and poetry, Naomi entered the Birmingham Live 'All Change' spoken word competition and won. Buoyed by the outcome, Naomi went on to write 'Dear Theresa May', which was widely praised and led to many more opportunities for Naomi in the city of Birmingham and further afield.


Naomi Minto writes what she feels. Inspired by the world around her, she captures the feelings of a broken society and retells their stories in her own poetic way. Her words have already been published in print and online yet her journey is just beginning. Watch this space.

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