Local Help & Support


The service operates between 9-5 Monday to Friday and the number is 0121 321 2377 for telephone support. Support online is 24 hour through the group support.

If anyone would like to volunteer to support us with this work they can apply through our website https://advocacymatters.org.uk/volunteer/

24/7 mental health support in Birmingham and Solihull, now just a phone call away

Hey morning, I just wanted to say in this week mental health awareness week this station saved my life....lifted my spirits away from the talk shows misinformation incompetent politicians and news....big city radio mapped my life and gave me great memories....sooo thank you BCR (and found it by mistake on Alexa)




You’re right there’s people out there to listen I found Big‘s City radio to listen to and it was good for me but then when my other half is into it or Saturday night it helped her a lot to thank you to Big city radio


matty and Helen

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